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Emma Beds

  • What is the Emma Platform Bed made of?

    The Emma Platform Bed is made of Eco-responsible materials. The bed provides optimal support to your whole body. The slats move and adapt to your weight, distributing the pressure evenly. It also helps keep the air flowing freely through your bed, ensuring proper ventilation of your mattress and helping regulate its temperature.


    Bed base: Navy blue metal structure, natural wooden slats;

    Paint: Polyester coating to ensure 0% solvent emission. Full corrosion protection;

    Feet: Polypropylene end caps.

    Please visit our website for further details:

  • What is the Emma Signature Bed made of?

    The Emma Signature Bed is a classic Scandinavian design bed with superior all-round support that has optimal pressure distribution. It is easy and fast to assemble and available in two colours light and dark grey. The bed arrives in 3 boxes with a step-by-step instruction booklet included (it takes roughly 30-40 minutes to assemble). 


    The bed base: cover is 100% polyester, metal structure, Plywood panels. 

    Headboard: cover 100% polyester, metal frame, foam filling.

    Feet: Plastic wood.

    Please visit our website to get your own Emma Signature Bed:

  • I am looking for a spare part. What do I have to do now?

    You are looking for a spare part? No problem. Check out the spare parts here and contact our customer service to get the spare parts delivered to you in no time.

  • If I assemble the frame the wrong way, does this voids my warranty?

    Yes. Incorrect assembly will void the warranty. However, we will provide you with all the necessary tools to help you assemble your original bed correctly! Please see our assembly video above or the brochure included in your delivery.

  • Does the bed come with a mattress?

    No, the bed does not come with a mattress included. However you can always add one of our award-winning mattresses to your purchase!

  • Do I need a foundation or box spring base?

    The Emma Original bed is designed to support your mattress without a foundation or box spring base. The foam and fabric encased base is designed to provide a stable and easy to assemble surface for your mattress, and our FlexiSlats ensure ultimate pressure relief.

  • Can I use an electric or adjustable slatted frame?

    The Emma Original bed is supplied with a slatted frame that is matched to the bed and ensures ultimate support. If you still want to use a different frame, it is possible, but depends on the model/design of the new frame. Please note that replacing the frame will void the warranty.

  • Do I have to use the Emma mattress for this, or would another mattress be okay?

    You can use the bed with any mattress and topper. Of course, to get the best sleeping experience, we recommend using an Emma mattress with your Emma Original bed.

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