The world’s largest D2C sleep brand premiered its first documentary at the Global Health Summit in Geneva.

A documentary that narrates the experience of three individuals who participate in the Emma Sleep Consultancy program.
Full documentary here

Emma knows the meaning of sleep

Sleep is essential for our overall health and wellbeing, and getting enough of the right sleep is vital for maintaining physical and mental health . During sleep, the body repairs and regenerates tissue, strengthens the immune system by enabling specialised immune cells – T Cells – to work more efficiently at fighting infections, and restores energy levels, while also enhancing brain functions, such as memory consolidation, decision-making, problem-solving, and creativity, and playing a vital role in regulating our mood and emotions.

An industry leader with in-house sleep experts

A team of sleep experts comprising of neuroscientists, psychologists, and data scientists are working together to combine their expertise and knowledge to not only develop award-winning sleep products but also work on informative content through its Emma Up app for its customers. More than sleep products, Emma promotes sleep care through education and awareness.

Emma Sleep Consultancy

A Sleep Consultancy is a fully individualized sleep improvement program that acknowledges sleep for what it is: a single, vital component of an overall healthy lifestyle. The documentary narrates the journey of three very different individuals — one athlete, one member of the military, and one teacher — where participants are guided by Emma’s sleep experts as their sleep quality, sleep satisfaction, and sleep knowledge are tested, measured, and analyzed.

“Our Sleep Consultancy is a testament to the power of sleep education for general health. For example, professional footballers from Werder Bremen who participated in our five-week program improved their athletic performance by 17% and their sleep quality by 21%. After making an impact on high-performing athletes, we want to help everyone improve their overall quality of life with better sleep.”

Theresa Schnorbach, Team Lead Sleep Research at Emma — The Sleep Company


Global Health Summit 2023

The premiere took place at the Intercontinental Hotel Geneva, where Theresa Schnorbach and other industry leaders participated in a special panel discussion titled: “Good Mental Health and Wellbeing- A preventative approach: the missing link to understanding healthcare?”. One initiative of the Global Health Summit organization in the hopes to foster change in global health and well-being and providing an opportunity to understand what industry can do to improve people’s health.