The Emma Original: Mattress in a Box

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The Emma Original: Mattress in a Box

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UK's Most Awarded Mattress 2019

What is a mattress in a box?

Remember the old days, when moving a new mattress from your front door to your bedroom was a two-man job? Thanks to mattresses like the Emma Original those days long gone! Unlike a traditional mattress, Emma mattress in a box, also called bed in a box, roll-up mattress or a boxed mattress comes vacuum packed in a 45 X 45 X110 box. This makes bringing it into your house or bedroom super easy. Shop the Emma Original online now and never be faced with the hassle of moving a heavy mattress around again!

Get a Great Value Mattress with Free Delivery

Stress-Free Delivery

Emma Mattress in a Box

Since the mattress in a box can be shipped like any normal package and you don't have to hire a whole moving team to get your new mattress in your bedroom, your Emma Original Mattress will arrive in just a few days! Since we're sure you won't be able to wait to sleep on your brand new mattress you'll be happy to hear that you can easily set up your Emma Original within minutes! Get your pyjamas ready because once the plastic wrapping is opened, your Emma Mattress will inflate by itself, offering you unbeatably dreamy comfort.

Setup the Emma Mattress in Minutes!

The mattress is so easy to set up, you could do it in your sleep! First, bring the mattress in a box close to the bed or to location where you want to set up in. Then simply take the memory foam mattress out and unroll it on the bed or your flat surface. Once the plastic packaging is safely cut open, the memory foam mattress will start to inflate by itself. Next, carefully cut off the rest of the plastic, making sure not to cut the washable mattress cover. Then get your pajamas ready and remove the plastic because, voila, your bed in a box is set up and you're ready for a great night's sleep!

The Emma Promise

The Benefits of Shopping the Emma Mattress in a Box

We want you to get the best night's sleep, that's why we're not just committed to giving you the best products. We've simplified the ordering process and are more than happy to offer you free delivery and returns.

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200-night trial

Not sure if Emma mattress is the right one for you? How about a 200-night risk-free trial period? Buy it online and feel free to try it out!

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10 year warranty

10-year guarantee

Emma mattress is built with long-lasting quality! We offer a 10-year warranty as a promise of our great product quality!

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Free Delivery & Returns

Delivery is a breeze. Your Emma Mattress is delivered right to your door, free.

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