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Our Revised Prices

Due to an increase in the price of raw materials being felt across the world, we have experienced significant increases in the cost of our production. This is a phenomenon that the whole bedding industry is grappling with currently, and across the world. This has led to multiple brands increasing their product prices over the last few months. Although we have been able to keep our production costs efficient and unchanged for a period of time, our supply partners are faced with the inevitable price rise due to the global supply situation. As a result, we have now had to increase prices across our product range. This affects those products that are hit by the increase in raw material prices in the supply market. This decision was not taken lightly.

Despite this increase, we continue to strive to bring you products that offer the best value for the best night’s sleep in the market. We will continue to work with our suppliers on an ongoing basis to ensure that we continue to provide the best possible prices, for our award-winning quality products. We also understand that there is a concern about whether this price increase will remain. The uncertainty around the supply of raw materials and the uncertainty on pricing due to that is limiting our suppliers in confirming to us if and when the prices will change.

All future promotions will reflect the revised prices due to the continued nature of the raw material price increase.If you have any questions, please reach out to our customer service team using our contact form here.

Correct as at 20th September 2021

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