Tired of tired friends?

Refer your friends to Emma and earn up to £160 in cash!

Your friends will receive a £20.00 voucher that can be used on all products, when they spend a minimum of £290.00. If they keep their products beyond the trial period, you will receive £20.00 in cash. Refer up to 8 friends, to earn £160! Terms and Conditions apply.

How it works

  • Referral step 1 1

    Share Your Code

    After you've made a purchase, head to your account and start sharing your personal referral code with your friends.
  • Referral step 2 2

    Friend’s Purchase

    Your friend places an order using your unique referral code and saves £20 off the total price of their order*
  • Referral step 3 3

    Receive Your Reward

    If your friend keeps their items beyond the trial period, a £20 reward will be automatically transferred to your account.

Key conditions to redeem the Friend Referral Rewards

To qualify for the Emma Friend Referral Program, you must make a minimum purchase of £290. The minimum order value must be at least £290 after any items have been returned, to participate in the program. The £20 voucher your friend receives can be used only for their first Emma purchase. Your friend must make a minimum purchase of £290. The referral code can be used in conjunction with other promotional codes and discounts up to 30% off. Once your friend has kept their Emma purchase for over 200 nights, you will receive your reward. You can refer up to 8 friends.

  • Referrer rewards
    • The referrer must be an Emma customer who purchased on www.emma-mattress.co.uk
    • The voucher can be referred only to friends and cannot be made public on the internet
    • The Referrer needs to update his/her bank details into their Emma account for the reward to be delivered
    • The referrer and the friend cannot be the same person. Further, people living in the same household cannot be referred, nor can people with the same family name
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