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We're so sure of the quality of our mattresses that we're more than happy to offer you a 10-year guarantee on Emma mattresses and beds. In the unlikely case you should encounter any problems with your mattress, send our customer service team a photograph of the damage and we will swap it for a brand-new mattress. Terms and Conditions apply. The warranty period begins with the date of delivery. Our 10-year guarantee covers the following: cracks, dents or other damages to the foam that have occurred despite proper use and handling of the mattress.

Frequently asked question

  • What is the Emma Original mattress made of?

    We created the Emma mattress with you (and your needs) in mind. The recipe for a good night's sleep is simple: Using only the finest British memory foams and the latest technologies we developed a mattress that isn't just extremely comfortable but also offers you support and pressure-relief in the areas you need it the most. The open-pored, three-layered memory foam structure also allows for great air circulation. The Airgocell® foam (1.5 in) has an open-pore cell structure and enables pleasant air circulation while keeping you cool, even on warm nights. Visco-elastic memory foam (2 in) ensures optimum pressure relief and molds to the shape of your body. The cold foam (8 in) is the foundation and the support for the mattress.

  • Why should I buy the Emma Original mattress?

    The UK mattress market is filled to the brim with bed-in-a-box mattresses that all seem to promise the same thing. While that might be true, we believe we have created a mattress that is sure to get everyone sleeping happier. We use only the finest and best quality British memory foams and developed our mattress based on the invaluable feedback from our customer to create a mattress that is perfect for everyone. Neither too soft, nor too firm, the Emma Original mattress offers you the perfect amount of support, pressure relief and comfort. You're also bound to wake up feeling fresh as a daisy, thanks to the improved breathability of our foams. By using only the highest quality materials we can assure the exceptional durability of our mattresses, so you can sleep happier for even longer. Still not quite convinced? Then why not take full advantage of our risk-free 100-night trial and see for yourself why the Emma Original mattress already has more than 500,000 people sleeping happier every night.

  • How will my order be delivered?

    Each Emma mattress is delivered factory-fresh and straight from our warehouse to your front door. As soon as we've shipped your order, we'll send you a confirmation email, where you can select a delivery time that suits your schedule. Not able to accept the delivery yourself? Not a problem at all - just give us the name of your nominated neighbour and we'll deliver it there.

  • When does the 10-year guarantee start?

    The 10-year guarantee starts as soon as you receive your mattress.

  • I received a faulty mattress, what do I do?

    We're very sorry, you received a faulty mattress. That's not supposed to happen. Please send us an email using our contact form as soon as you notice the fault and we'll get straight on the case.

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