Emma Mattress protector

The secret to extend your mattress life

Save time and effort with our waterproof Mattress Protector. It extends your mattress lifespan by protecting it from liquids & stains. An extra layer of comfort and softness, providing a hygienic & soothing surface to sleep on.
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All our materials get softer with every wash

Emma Bed Linen - 100% Cotton 144

100% Cotton 144

Made with 100% cotton, we designed this material to be lightweight and breathable. It’s an affordable, low maintenance option that remains soft and comfortable with repeated use and wear.

Emma Bed Linen - 100% Cotton Percale

100% Cotton Percale

Woven with 100% cotton percale, our thermoregulating material is extra breathable and will keep you cool and sweat-free at night. Its crisp and subtle matte finish offers a pleasant laying feeling.

Emma Bed Linen - 100% Cotton Satin

100% Cotton Satin

Boasting a luxurious 100% cotton satin, we’ve ensured that this material is smooth, silky, and plush. It’s also moisture-wicking, making it beneficial for your skin and hair and provides the ultimate softness.


Choosing the right material

When buying bed linens, you need to consider what material works best for your skin type and the way you sleep. There are different types of cotton fabrics that will react differently to sensitive skin as well as to hot vs cold sleepers. Linen and cotton percale tend to be more breathable while 100% cotton and satin fall on the plusher side. Emma’s bed linen range offers a variety of materials so that every type of sleeper gets only the best.

Our Promise to You

All Emma Bed Linen have

Emma Bed Linen Promise - everything easy with Emma
Emma Bed Linen Promise - everything easy with Emma


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