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Emma Platform Bed - simple supportive design.

I am moving and want something quick and convenient

The last thing you want to think about when moving is going from store to store and the complicated assembly of your new bed. Let Emma help! Just order online and receive at home. The easiest beds to assemble are the Emma Platform Bed, Emma Divan Bed, and Emma Metal bed.
Discover our Beds

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Divan Bed

With a headboard​

Headboards serve as a barrier between you and the chilly wall, while also enhancing the visual charm of your bedroom. They also provide added comfort and support, making them a heaven for book enthusiasts. Intrigued? Discover the Divan Bed, Ottoman Bed, and Boxspring Bed.


Without a headboard

For those with an artistic flair, the absence of a headboard offers a canvas for wall art or a gallery for posters. Beds without headboards are also a good choice for compact spaces, as the empty wall visually expands your bedroom! Choose from the Wooden Bed, Platform Bed, or Signature Bed.

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