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Regulated body temperature
Enhanced natural and deeper sleep
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Cooling Mattresses

Deeper sleep throughout the night

Thanks to our revolutionary graphite-infused foam Thermosync, the mattress will keep you at a comfortable temperature throughout the night and prevent overheating. During summer heatwaves, it stays remarkably cool. Combined with its mastered comfort, this mattress effectively regulates body temperature to aid in deep sleep. 
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Premium Microfibre Pillow

Our microfibre pillow keeps you fresh all night

Emma’s Cooling Outlast® technology gives you an instant cool feel as soon as your head hits the pillow, and keeps you sweat-free all night.

TechRadar has praised this pillow, saying they are “impressed by its luxurious feel and adjustable height, as well as by its cooling properties.”
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Premium Pillow

Our foam pillow that will keep you cool and supported every night

The pillow’s cooling foam works hand in hand with its Ultra-Dry Plus cover to wick moisture away from your face, so your skin can breathe during the night. The two other layers provide cushioning, adaptability and support to cradle your neck through the night.
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Premium Topper

The topper that makes falling asleep feel like a breeze

When your body temperature stays even throughout the night, you're more likely to sleep undisturbed. The Premium Topper helps you sleep better and awaken refreshed thanks to its Thermosync foam that absorbs your body’s heat and dissipates it away from your mattress - no matter whether you add it to a new or old mattress. 
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100% Cotton Percale set

The perfect sleep climate in one set

Our 100% cotton percale was specially designed and woven so that it can keep you cool at night. Air flows better through our percale weave in order to create more breathability around your body. Everything in this set is also moisture-wicking to ensure sweat-free sleep each night.
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