Emma Shleep Sanctuary

The Emma Shleep Sanctuary is brought to life!

The world's first luxury sheep-counting experience by Emma has welcomed its first guests to the stunning, rolling Sussex hills. The science-backed retreat is helping Brits make the most of the latest Green Sleep trend, one dream at a time.


In the countryside

The grass (and sleep) is greener

Our research revealed that Brits living in the countryside get a whopping 219 more hours of sleep a year than those in cities. 56% of rural sleepers love the country air and 1 in 10 are snoozing past 9am every day. Dreamy!

For a peaceful rest

Escape the hustle and bustle

Almost a quarter of city snoozers sleep better on holiday than at home, and a third say a good night's sleep is the key reason for booking their holiday. That means one of two things: it's time for a Green Sleep break OR time to buy an Emma mattress!

The doors are open to

The world's first Shleep Sanctuary

A lucky bunch of sleepers have been putting the Green Sleep trend to the test in our world-first Shleep Sanctuary. A science-backed experience where guests can count real-life sheep before drifting off under the stars. Baa-rilliant!

"Our research shows that living in a quieter area can really have a tangible impact on the amount and quality of sleep you get, so it's no wonder the Green Sleep trend is booming."

Theresa Schnorbach – Sleep Expert