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Bed Assembly Service | Emma x Airtasker

Need help assembling your bed? Hire a local Tasker on Airtasker to assemble it for you.

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How does it work?

Describe what you need done in the AirTasker app or website for free. Receive quotes from handymen and Taskers in your area and pick the one you prefer. Look at their profiles, reviews and offer to pick the perfect Tasker for your furniture assembly or old bed removal. Use AirTasker to stay in contact from the moment your task is posted until it´s completed.
Airtasker x Emma Bed assembly cost

Secure Payment

The average furniture assembly task costs between £40 and £90. With our special discount code AIREMMA you will get £15 off your first posted task The task must exceed £50. And don´t worry - AirTasker Pay is the secure way to get your tasks done. The payment is kept on lock until the task is complete and then you can release it – making you always in control.

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