Unpacking your new Emma Mattress


Easy to unpack!

Unbox your Emma mattress on a flat surface, unroll it, and cut the plastic using the provided tool. It naturally regains shape in about 5 hours. Relax on your Emma mattress for a restful night's sleep.

1. Test your mattress

Unpacking your mattress - test your Emma mattress.
Unpacking your mattress - test your Emma mattress.

2. Air out your mattress

When you unroll your mattress, you may notice a slight smell of "new". This is perfectly normal. Air it out in a well-ventilated room for a few hours. Washing the cover accelerates odor removal by clearing trapped scents. You can dilute a few small drops of your favorite essential oil in water and spray the solution onto the foam (not the cover!

3. Rotate your mattress

Rotate your Emma mattress monthly for the first six months to prevent body impressions, then switch to every three months. Make sure the white side of the cover is always facing up. (Note: Handles are for adjusting the mattress to the bed frame, not moving it.)
Bed Assembly

4. Get a suitable bed frame

Choose the perfect bed to awaken your best

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Emma 4 Season Duvet - Fits all seasons.

5. Let your mattress breathe

Slatted bases prevent heat from building up and help air to circulate under the mattress. We also suggest using bed linen made from natural fibers such as cotton to maximise the cooling effect.

6. Care for your mattress

Take care of your Emma mattress to maintain its' longevity. The upper part of the cover is machine washable up to 60° and 40° for the lower section.

7. Lastly, protect your mattress!

For prolonged happy and healthy sleep, use our mattress protector. It wraps around your mattress for a waterproof and irritation-free sleep.
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