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The Emma Sleep Concert
Emma Sleep Concert - celebration for the World Sleep Day.

On World Sleep Day,

We hosted the Emma Sleep Concert

Emma – The Sleep Company released its first science-based sleep album "Scores of Sleep Vol. I". After creating playlists with the best songs for sleep in partnership with Spotify, Emma deepened its expertise in music and celebrated the album premiere with a unique sleep concert in Berlin on World Sleep Day on March 15th. The album is also available on the Emma Spotify free of charge.

A unique sleep concert

The Emma Sleep Concert was a unique event that took place in the legendary Meistersaal in Berlin’s Hansa Studios. For one night only, Emma transformed the grand hall where outstanding musicians like David Bowie, Depeche Mode, or Nick Cave recorded some of their most prominent songs into a dreamy landscape into a slumber party to remember.

As the sun slowly setted and the moon rose, the concert audience experienced their best rest while listening to the first-ever live performance of the “Scores of Sleep Vol. I”. The prominent Kaiser Quartett, the DJ and pianist Rosbeh, and the albums' composer and musician, Torben Brüggemann, united on stage to bring the compositions to life.

Each of the album’s eleven tracks reflects on various sleep phases within a sleep cycle and consists of sounds that guide the brain into healthy sleep. These sounds were arranged into specific compositions created especially for sleeping, based on the Emma Sleep Score, which indicates how suitable a particular song is for falling asleep.

Emma Sleep Concert - celebration for the World Sleep Day.

A live rendition of Emma’s first sleep album

To enhance relaxation and enable a truly immersive experience, double beds were set up for every guest and their plus-one for the evening. Emma Sleep Expert Angela Kondinska kicked off the night with a talk where she shared the latest sleep research insights as well as daily implementable tools for better sleep. The dream-like atmosphere of the event was also enhanced by the pillow menu (which helped guests to choose their ideal pillows, which they took home with them afterwards), special mocktails, and sleep packages.

The science behind sleeping with music...

Is silence really necessary to fall asleep?

Research shows ambient noise aids sleep, including music from favorite artists. We identified key song characteristics for effective sleep induction, analyzing thousands of tracks by top artists. Curating special sleep playlists across genres, we offer the most popular sleep-inducing songs.

Emma Sleep Concert - The perfect song to help you sleep

The perfect song to help you sleep

In January 2023, researchers from Aarhus University and the Royal Academy of Music in Denmark published a study in PLOS One to distinguish sleep music from regular music. They analyzed Spotify songs and playlists, identifying recurring features that define sleep music.
Emma Sleep Concert - Emma Sleep Score.

Emma presents the:

Emma Sleep Score

Our data analysts used Spotify data to assess artists and bands for their songs' sleep-inducing qualities, employing the Emma Sleep Score rating metric. Higher scores suggest a greater suitability for promoting sleep!

Fall asleep with your favourite artist!

" Music is a wonderful way to fall asleep"

"It is easily accessible to everyone and carries us off to a peaceful sleep without any unwanted side effects. It can be easily adapted to the respective musical taste to create an individually tailored sleeping environment. Whether it's soft cuddly rock, soothing rap or relaxing pop - the wide variety of music means that everyone can find their way to restful sleep."

Emma Merritt, Sleep Expert