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A team of neuroscientists and psychologists

Our team of sleep experts, comprised of neuroscientists and trained psychologists is dedicated to transforming your sleep experience. We ensure our products are rooted in science and our claims are backed by scientific evidence. We use first-class equipment and a data-driven approach to address the world's sleep needs. Explore our projects below!

Meet our experts


Global Health campaign

Emma was selected by TBD media group to share our expertise on sleep's fundamental role in our overall health. This three-day summit in Geneva included many high-profile speakers and members of the World Health Organization.
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Emma’s role in the sleep industry

As a part of the Global Health Campaign, TBD Media produced a short documentary showcasing how Emma helps its customers. Take a peek into how our sleep consultancy program helped our participants improve their sleep.
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Sleep Consultancy by Emma

We have designed a 5-week sleep intervention program tailored to the needs of professional athletes and company employees, through which we increase their athletic and work performance. The results are measured using rigorous empirical research methods for the best outcome.
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Sunrise by Emma

Sunrise is an editorial website where we write and review scientific articles and address common questions such as “Why does daylight savings affect my sleep?”. We also share a chronotype quiz and sleep tips.
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How is science present at Emma?


Team effort

We collaborate closely with our product development team to improve existing products/services as well as develop new ones. We empower our customers to choose the right product(s) for their needs.


Scientific Advisory Board

Our Scientific Advisory Board, consisting of world-renowned scientists from around the globe, provides us with invaluable feedback, insights, and contribution to our collective knowledge of sleep.


Emma UP

We collaborated with designers to create an app that helps users improve their sleep. Through gamification and educational content, users can track their progress and make lasting changes to their sleep habits.