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One great sleep. One giant leap.

Anything’s possible after you sleep – from learning Mandarin to landing on the Moon.

Our mission is to awake everyone’s best self.

So, as well as designing #1 mattresses, we share our sleep knowledge with the world.

Yup, not all heroes wear space suits. Some of them work as sleep experts at Emma.

Sleep: an eye-opener for lifelong health


Our content only comes from credible sources you can rely on.


Our sleep scientists carefully review, double-check and verify everything you read here.


We’ve got a natural bias towards Emma´s sleep products. But our rankings are standardized and scientific. If another brand beats us, we’ll tell you why.


Our sleep science experts make sure that we present articles in accessible and useful ways. No fluff – everything’s fact-packed.

Meet our experts

(yes: they do sleep for a living)

  • Sleep Research Team
  • Scientific Advisory Board

How exactly do we test mattresses?

We're proud of Emma products (naturally). But we test all brands with the same methodology and scoring criteria. Fair is fair.








Ease of use


In other words, how comfy and supportive your mattress is. We measure it three different ways.

Point Elasticity

How well will your mattress isolate motion on a single side? If your sleeping partner tosses and turns on the bed a lot and you don't wake up, then you're on a winner.




Our favourite test. How firm and supportive will your mattress be in a few years? To find out fast, we run it through a heavy rolling mill to simulate 4-5 years of body movements. If it’s still in good shape after all that, we’re suitably impressed.


A well-crafted cover helps your mattress last longer. We measure shrinkage after washing it to the manufacturer's instructions.

Ease of use

Hopefully, you won't be hauling your mattress around too often. But we still want to test how easy it is to move compared to its weight and how helpful the handles are.

In order to continue to conduct in-depth research, we maintain affiliate partnerships

We partner with affiliates to help us continue our brilliant research. But we’re determinedly fair and objective.

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